Edition Dark Attitude Publishing – a modern & agile music publishing company that is closely networked and collaborates with international publishers.

In the midst of further concentrating multi-national major data management machines and a constantly changing and transforming market, Edition Dark Attitude Publishing has a lot of structural, economic, as well as creative advantages from which the represented authors, artists, co- and sub-publishers in Germany and abroad benefit.

Based in Berlin, Edition Dark Attitude Publishing is affiliated with the in-house labels Blood Rite Records and Dark Wings.

By bundling the individual fields of activity in our own house, we have the advantage that there are no long inquiry paths between the individual departments. Questions and answers are dealt with internally in the fastest possible way.

For the artists and bands to be represented, the contact persons can be reached at short notice at any time.

We offer bands, individual artists, lyricists and composers the opportunity to further exploit their creative work and to raise their profile worldwide. We also commission work from the artists we represent.

Edition Dark Attitude Publishing is a member of the VUT and offers its artists, in addition to a reliable registration of concerts and control of GEMA settlements, an active mediation of their compositions to film and advertising producers. With two own labels under one roof, Edition Dark Attitude Publishing guarantees a wide range of services and opportunities for the further development of professional musicians‘ and songwriters‘ careers and is at the same time the direct contact for all questions concerning the music business.